Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support: CRANES

WHAT IS Positive  Behavior Support (PBS)?

PBS is a program that promotes a school-wide positive learning approach to discipline.  The objective of PBS is to improve the school climate, teach students to be responsible members of our school community, and reduce challenging student behaviors in a proactive, positive, and consistent manner.


Is your student acting like a CRANE?

The PBS team has developed school wide expectations and a system of positive reinforcement to be implemented throughout the school.  These expectations can be found on posters in our classrooms, walkways, cafeteria, buses, and other common areas.

We have 5 school wide expectations that all Sandhill Students are taught and expected to follow.

A Sandhill Crane is…..

Courteous:  Being polite, respectful and kind to others.

Responsible:  Being accountable in action and words.

Attentive: Paying close attention to something.

Noble: Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Exemplary: Being a leader and an example to others.  Following all of the above expectations.

Your child was taught these expectations at the beginning of the school year and are continuously taught them throughout the year.

Children have the opportunity to earn “Crane Signatures” on their Crane Card when they are caught following one of the 5 Sandhill Crane Expectations.  Every month the school will have one school wide reward for students who have earned enough “Crane Signatures”.

Poster of A Sandhill Crane is...Courteous, Responsible, Attentive, Noble and Exemplary